Family, a small puzzle-platformer game

Hi there,

I didn't have the chance to write an announcement post for the release of this small game I made, so I'm doing it now.

Family is a 2D puzzle-platformer where you have to guide the main character towards his goals. In order to do so you control his mom, his dad and his beloved brother. Each of them will help him in a unique way and you'll need to use them all together to reach the end of the journey consisting of more than 30 levels. The game is available for linux, windows  and mac-osx, if you like 2D platformers with unconventional gameplay you might try it out.

With the most recent update your progress will be saved automatically so that you can try to beat the game in more than a single session! 

I also released a walkthrough video, so that you can both see the actual gameplay and check how to solve the most difficult levels: 

Files 14 MB
Version 1.6 Sep 15, 2018 27 MB
Version 1.6 Sep 15, 2018 13 MB
Version 1.6 Sep 15, 2018

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